Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great Tips for your Bachelor’s party.

I realized off late I have been doing all the stories focusing on the brides wherein grooms have equal importance in the Wedding affaire. Hence, today I am writing a story focusing on the Grooms to be and what better subject to pick than ‘The Bachelor’s party’.

Just a few months back I attended a bachelor’s at The Steam- the lounge of Taj Rambagh Palace ( This was a glorious event. One of the prime reasons for the bash to be a great success, was the fact that the venue was great. This lounge bar on wheels is the finest watering hole in town. Its Mediterranean ambience is cozy and intimate despite being zesty with low-slung couches, snug seating and plenty of space to relax and unwind. Lesson number one for planning a bachelor’s party, do not compromise on the venue.

To add to the high spirits, there were exotic Russian & Arabian dancers. (Nothing cheap or vulgar but very elegant girls dancing to lilting music). However, I left early so I missed witnessing all the fun the boys must have had. Lesson number two: Enhancing the evening is necessary; entertainment must be added to all the spirits.

The snacks and the selection of drinks were excellent. The organizer made sure that there was something for every one. There were wines, beer, scotches, liqueurs, shots, irresistible mocktails & cocktails and snacks comprised of world cuisine: Lebanese, Mexican, Italian & of course Indian. Lesson number three: Plan well for the food & drinks. Make sure you know your guests well and keep their taste in mind.

Last but not the least; make sure that your wedding planner gets all licenses and permissions for hosting the event so you do not run into a legal fiasco. It is necessary to acquire a liquor license, music license, police permission and ensure the venue has measures to combat mishaps from fire or electricity and of course the friends who get drunk. Please clarify this part with your planner before finalizing an event.

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