Saturday, October 4, 2008

Festival of Lights: Celebrate Diwali in Traditional Indian Style in an Erstwhile Palace, Jaipur

Nights of tireless grace and intense colors are round the corner. Preparations and enthusiasm have reached a point of no return and it is keeping these festivities in mind that for the first time ever- an erstwhile 18th Century Palace opens its gates, for a select few to enjoy an evening of ‘Diwali celebration’, in Royal Splendor.

Diwali is the biggest and the grandest festival of India. It’s the festival of lights, firecrackers, joy and good food! It is with this festive spirit in Mind that ‘The Festival of Lights’ is being held in Jaipur. The event is being sold by a select group of travel agents and the passes queries can be also sent to: Only 150 passes available.

Event Format:

1. Arrival

2. Guests get down near main Palace entrance

3.Guests will be given a A ROYAL WELCOME, which will include 2 Elephants and live folk musicians giving a welcome performance

4.Men in rajasthani costumes garland the guests.

5.Guests are offered Buttermilk/Jaljeera as a welcome drink in The Palace Promenade .

6.Followed by a Traditional Lakshmi –Ganesh Pooja. Pandit will perform chants and conduct the pooja. Pooja prasaad (traditional indian Sweets will be served)

7.This is followed by a 60 minutes Folk Performance at a Village themed courtyard .

8.Followed by a Round of firecrackers. All guests will be given sparkles (Phuljhari), Anaar, Etc to enjoy diwali

9.Finally Elaborate Dinner will be served at the Palace lawns. Dinner includes sumptuous, lip smacking- rajasthani and continental food

Event Date: 25th Oct 2008

Venue: 18th Century Palace, Moti Doongri, Jaipur

Timings: 7:00 PM Onwards

For queries mail: