Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bridal Trends 2008

As the wedding season opens with a bang in India, would be Brides and their friends & family are going berserk putting together the best trousseau/ wardrobe and other essential items together. In this Blog, I bring forward a few tips and trends for putting together your wardrobe and other essentials for the upcoming season as well as life ahead.

Let’s start with the trends in-terms of your wardrobe. For all you Fashionistas wondering what colors to choose from, here are a few tips. The Hot colors this season are jewel tones and metallic colors like Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Emerald Green, Tanzanite Blue etc. Pastel shades continue to be popular as well. Apart from these, people are opting for unusual combinations like honey brown with onion pink, coffee with copper sulphate blue, grape green with wine / burgundy, carrot pink with chocolate brown, purple with parrot green etc. Brocades, hand woven Benarasi georgettes, georgettes, chiffons, soft nets and textured or plain velvet are the most demanded fabrics this season.

When it comes to jewelry, fusion of the traditional with modernity is ‘The-in-Thing’. For example, the age-old bagdi is been given a new look by use of diamonds; Baaju also is coming in some very modern designs. Polki- meena, Thewa and Jaddau continue to be popular. Sleek diamond jewelry is very much in demand and hyderabadi jadaai polki sets are very popular this season.

For home furnishing and accessories, silverware and silver artifacts are really in. You must also consider buying a few laakh/Laac items like mirrors, laakh photo frames, laakh table pieces etc.

This season, ‘The minimalist look’ is completely out and ‘The Opulent look’ is ‘The Look’ for interiors. If you have the affordability, then having a piece from around the globe is a must. So, you can put that Persian rug and use that Burmese Buddha statue as a corner piece and add the Indian silver artifacts, Pakistani onyx table pieces, the glass items from Florence and those beautiful cut glass chandeliers from Belgium all at the same time in your living room. Jute furnishings are very hot! Silks as usual still stay popular for drapes and bedspreads, colors like Gold, white, beige are very in.

When it comes to crockery, silverware and bone china still rules-the-roost. The terracotta earthenware is also becoming very popular for serving Indian cuisine. Steel with matt finish and cast iron utensils remain popular for daily usage. Melamine is not recommended. Use steel or porcelain instead.

I hope, with all the above details shopping will be a easier and less cumbersome experience! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and happy shopping!!!