Saturday, May 10, 2008

Exotic Wedding Venues in India

India, The land of Gods and gurus, the land of palaces & Fortresses, the land of festivals & rituals, the land of ayurveda & yoga.

India- the enchanted continent has been casting spells & fascinating the world since time immemorial. India is known for its rich heritage and culture. The geographical variations, diverse communities, many faiths and practices help to make this country a wonderful combination of unity in diversity.

Off late, India has come to be one of the favorite tourist destinations for people across the globe. People from all around the world are contemplating hosting their weddings in India in the exotic & exclusive wedding venues.

India being a vast country, every region has some uniqueness and thereby has many exotic destinations to offer

In the Northern region you may choose Rajsthan. Here you have the glamorous and mystical palaces, dessert castles and swiss tents in sand dunes and wonderful Royal Weddings take place in these destinations. (The much hyped Liz Hurley wedding took place in Rajasthan- ).

In the western parts, you can opt for Goa, where the beach resorts and hotels offers the most exciting beach weddings.

Go to the Southern region – the land of spices, coffee, backwaters and ayurveda; and you can create magical weddings in the Backwaters or houseboats of Kerala, Places of Karnataka or temples of Tamilnadu (

In the east, one can opt for a monastery wedding in ladakh ( or chose to do it amidst the greenery & waterfalls of shillong ( India has it all.

Planning a wedding in India is not as difficult as it may seem. With the growing wedding Industry and availability of highly skilled wedding specialists, your Indian wedding can be planned without a crease on your forehead.

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