Thursday, May 8, 2008

All about a great Royal Palace wedding:

Imagine a wedding amidst architectural marvels built centuries ago. Imagine celebrating the biggest occasion of your life inside splendid structures from the past that stand strong even today. Taking your vows in scenic settings that exhibit magnificent charm and exuberance could be quite a thing.

Let me describe a typical Indian Royal Palace wedding to all you to be married couples. A typical Indian Royal Palace wedding starts with the Baraat ( Its not a regular Baraat that we are talking about. The Groom sits in an elaborately decorated elephant and following him are friends and family in a Royal Procession. The procession is a very elaborate display and in order for you to understand it better, below is a brief description of the various items in the procession.

  1. The Groom’s Elephant: The elephant with the Groom heralds the official start of the Royal Procession.
  2. Pahalwan Ka Hathi : Elephant with the Royal Wrestler- It is symbolic of Hanuman (Monkey God-Chief of the Army of Lord Rama).
  3. Royal Band: Now comes the Royal Band.
  4. Top Gadi : The Royal Cannon with cart is carried by a pair of oxen.
  5. Decorated Elephants: There are two decorated elephants with exquisite cloth hangings.
  6. Camel with Jujurba (Camel Guns)
  7. Victoria Buggy : The horse driven Victoria.
  8. Decorated Camels : These camels are decorated with gorband (Jeweled Fixtures).
  9. Goda Sawar : Horses decorated with saddles, harnesses bids etc.
  10. Chob Dars : Silver staff bearers. These foot soldiers announce the Royal Message.
  11. Mahadol : Covered Palanquin with a single bar.
  12. Pinjas : Palanquin with a single bar with the seat having movable sliding doors.
  13. Palki : Palanquin with two parallel bars used with no veil.
  14. Rath (Roshan Chowki): Oxen driven carriage caring musicians.

Once the Baraat arrives the wedding venue, (A Palace/Fort) comes the Reception of Baraat. Exquisitely dressed women showering flowers and ittar ( receive all the guests. Post this, traditionally dressed men & women garland the guests and offer welcome drinks.

Men with burning torches line up the walkway, there are folk performers and exotic dancers wooing your guests all evening. To enhance the evening a full-blown laser show with fireworks is a common element. The Palaces are mostly decorated for weddings using flowers, drapes and lights and to enhance the look a lot of antique furniture and decorative items are used.

The highlight of Royal Palace weddings is the variety and number of dishes served and the way food is served by Royal service members. It is mostly a sit down dinner arrangement and food is served in silverware.

Do you still have second thoughts about choosing a Royal Palace Wedding?

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