Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bride to be? Pampering essentials

So, the D-Day date is out. You have sent the 'save the date' to all near & dear ones, finalized your wedding planner, started hunting your wedding trousseau & started looking for the wedding venue... You think you have done it all? All's under control? Not just yet, there is something you have totally missed out on. PAMPERING YOURSELF.

I advice all my would be Brides to focus a lot on this aspect. It is a must to groom & pamper yourself for atleast 3 months prior to your Big Day. Here are a few pampering essentials that no bride should ignore:

  1. Please ensure to take at least one spa treatment every month for 3 months before your special day. The treatments that are a must include:
  • Anti tanning packs (to ensure skin tone uniformity). You don't want the hands to be a shade darker than the face, nor the neck to be shades darker than your face.
  • Hair packs (To ensure your crowning glory is healthy)
  • Body massage (Must to keep up with all the pressure)
  • Facials (I highly recommend the pure sandalwood ayurvedic facial; the aroma relaxes and perks you up instantly)
  • Body scrubs ( ubtan as it is called in ayurveda is the best body scrub. Get this done every week for 3 months & you will swear by the end result)
2. It is very essential to take care of the waxing. Do not wax parts on the last week that you have never waxed before. Also do not wax too regularly. Ensure that you get a full growth before getting the final wax, not only will that leave you with a soft & smooth skin but also would be easier for your beautician to ward off undergrowth.

3. Taking care of your hands and feet are equally important. Please make sure to take care of your nails so they do not chip/ break just before your special day. Regular manicures & pedicures are must. Do not forget to use your hand & foot cream religiously every night for at least 60 days prior to the wedding date.

4. Ensure to try the make up on with your beautician at least once (in case this is a first time beautician you are using)

5. Finalize your hairdo and do not forget to try it on much in advance.

Pampering yourself is very key and every bride to be should not compromise on this at any cost.

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