Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Wedding Cosnsiderations

If you are planning to get married this summer and you are planning a summer wedding in Rajasthan, then there are a few considerations you must make.

Today's blog is about the current temparature scenario, venue availability and other must take into account situations for those planning a wedding in rajasthan between june-september time frame.

First and foremost, this year has been hotter than average for all of us in Rajasthan. We have already faced 36 Degrees to 48 Degrees and above heat this year. To add to that, rains seem more than far off.

So for your wedding, closed venues would be best suited. you can consider air conditioned banquets as well as heritage properties that have Durbar Halls. If you still insist on open venues, look for pool side properties or lawns/ gardens with lots of fountains. For example, one can consider the jai niwas lawns at the City Palace of Jaipur, sisodia Rani Ka bagh- Jaipur, lawns of mandawa castle- Mandawa, Bal samand lake resort etc. to name a few.

Day entertainment / activities for your guest is another area you need to plan for, well in advance. Owing to the scorching heat sight-seeing, polo tournaments or elephant safari are not great options. Instead, we recommend SPA sessions, private cultural performances, henna tattoo artistesu with classical singers to entertain while your guests enjoy ornating themselves with henna tattooes and shopping tours.

June till August 2009 is busy wedding season. So if you havent booked your venue and hotel already, then you are too late for a great Indian wedding.

Transportation is another factor you need to consider for summer weddings. Pre planning is a key to ensure you get good vehicles with well functional air-conditioners.

Pre-Planning your beauty and styling is another consideration you must make for a summer wedding. There are plenty of Spa & beauty salons across Rajasthan, however it will be sensible to pre-discuss your make up and styling preferences with your wedding planner and smart to book a salon in advance. Your planner will be more than glad to help and guide.

Be very sensible while choosing your Indian trousseau. Lighter shades and lighter fabrics are most recommended. Go for pastel shades and fabrics like chiffon/ Georgette, Silk Nets etc. Raw silk, crepe, velvet and heavy brocades are an absolute Noooo!

Picking up sensible footwear and jewellery is a must. Heavy Jewellery and closed footwear are an absolute no. Diamonds and light weight traditional jewellery in polki/ kundan is a good option. one can also consider the pachhikari jewellery made of colored and precious and semi precious stones.

These are few must make considerations. Once you have made these,carried loads of sunscreen lotion, an appetite for all the wonderful spicy delicacies and a spirit warmer than the Indian summer, a summer wedding in Rajasthan is a cake walk!

Happy weddings!

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