Friday, January 23, 2009

Wedding Jewelry at times of Recession

The buzzword of 2009 is RECESSION! Cutting costs, minimizing needs, doing away with elaborate- is the focus. The Topic I picked up today for my reader is keeping the ongoing recession in mind.

Jewelry is an integral part of any wedding and is an element we cannot completely do away with, while planning a wedding. With ‘The Recession’ tugging at our sleeve we need to look for alternates and options that not only makes for the perfect accessories but also is light on our wallets!

I am writing today about one such great alternate- Vermeil jewellery.

Vermeil: Pronounced "vair-may", is sterling silver, which has been plated or rolled with gold. A thin layer of gold, usually 18kt or 22kt, is overlaid onto the silver surface. The Rajasthani vermeil jewelry has .003 inch or more of 18Kt /22Kt gold overlaid in different textures and finishes and is extremely popular form of jewelry in these times when saving our resources are primary.

The vermeil jewelry prince range starts at $40 i.e. INR 2000 and goes up to $200 i.e. INR 10000 approx. Vermeil is available in a variety of designs and a lot of precious and semi precious stones/ gems are used to ornate and enhance the pieces. Stones like ruby, emerald, pearl, coral, onyx, carnelian, fluoride, tanzanite and sapphires are used in almost all vermeil pieces. Vermeil jewellery has been used by brides to create a complete set of accessories to match trousseau for the D-day! Too many options can be done in vermeil. One can create sets containing- Earrings, bracelets, necklace, hair pins, brooches, hand bag buttons, shoe / slipper enhancements, anklets, armlets, tiaras, rings etc.

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