Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music of Rajasthan

Music is one element without which no wedding is complete. Today, I am writing about the music of Rajasthan because without music Royal Weddings have no soul.

The color, vibrancy & grandeur of Rajasthan is never completely discovered until you immerse yourself in the music of this land of Royalty.

Influenced by erstwhile royalty, the music of Rajasthan follows a legacy that dates back to several centuries. The rich folklore and culture has added some more sparkles to its glory; making Rajasthani dance and music a treasured jewel in Indian culture. The traditional court dance and music performances are seen today on the cultural evenings like weddings and pre wedding celebrations, making alive the grandeur of an era bygone.

Rajasthani folk songs narrate the rich folklore and imperial heritage of the state that has been captivating the entire world for many centuries. Visitors coming to Rajasthan make it a point to attend at least one dance & music performance while exploring the deserts. Rajasthani music goes very well with ‘Heritage Royal Wedding Theme’. It adds to the imperial ambiance of Forts/ Palaces a certain degree of romance that no other form of sound can match!

Off late folk- fusion is getting very popular. I highly recommend the Band Rajasthan Roots. They use traditional instruments such as the Khamaicha, Nagara, Morchang, Khurtal, Bhapang, Dholak, Dhol, Tagari, and Algoza, and fuse these instruments with western instruments such as guitar, saxaphone, and western percussion. You can see and hear there music on You Tube: http://youtube.com/user/morchangstudios

Major Musical Instruments of Rajasthan:

Shehnai - Played on all auspicious occasions.
Ghoongharoo worn on foot - Aklets produce rhythmic sounds at each step of performer.
Dhol, Nagara - Flat barrel drum played during auspicious occasions.
Morchang - Wrought iron instrument, played by mouth.

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